The National Poetry Review

Laurie Sewall

            Glow III, Wolf Kahn, oil on canvas

And you have to remember, though
you have been here before, you possibly

have never seen these woods—gold
so deep you could meld into it, a dark

knowing in the empty
green—long way back to any yard or

mossy area. Standing, as you do, with
an urge to breathe your way into

this soil dear as the cosmos, dear as a river
you once knew and loved, beyond

the farthest orange or warmest lime, a line
of it at the bottom—dissolving like sun-

light into the sequence of brushstrokes, thunderous
saffron, hundreds of delicate trunks, all

day speaking together. And did I say
ruby—the hot ruby tide pulling you in, beneath

the bloom of the luscious, silvery
god-trees? The current overrunning

you now, as you lose yourself in the field, in
the doorways and still-moving roots.

LAURIE SEWALL’s poetry has appeared in Ploughshares, Colorado Review, Cimarron Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Louisville Review, Minnesota Review, and many other publications. She received an MFA in poetry from New England College and an MA in counseling psychology from Lesley University. She lives and teaches in Iowa.

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