The National Poetry Review

Rebecca Pyle


We would always be looking in our distant
Hovering way at each other and maps. Looking
At the maps’ bright markings
Meant to fool. Meet with huge pots of tea
Hot and sweet between we three
On the most darkling of tables
Symbol of us
Our darkling hovering plains, where each
Of us is tiny figure below looking up
Beseeching we three for solutions, answers,
Our snowland, the ground as it is
Seen coolly and purely
By birds.

REBECCA PYLE’s poetry, short stories, and paintings are in a pile of reviews—Cobalt Review, Emerson Review, Wisconsin Review, William and Mary Review, New England Review, Bangalore Review, Indian Review, Tulane Review, Tishman Review, and Penn Review. Rebecca, who lives in Utah near the Great Salt Lake, was named for the Brit novel Rebecca—which in over eighty years has never been out of print. See

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