The National Poetry Review

Hannah Kroonblawd


In this dream my father is not God but he is
caught in a rainstorm as he crosses the desert

and then he is on a mountain and can see all the
way to the ocean with rain covering his skin in islands

and leaving small scars on the back of his hands
also he is barefoot in this dream like a prophet

so trees grow from his heart in groves of pine
and cedar and willow and rivers pour down

from his eyes and my father in this dream
is the rainstorm and in this dream my father knows

which way is the way out of the wilderness.

HANNAH KROONBLAWD lives in Bloomington, IL, and is a PhD student in English Studies at Illinois State University. A graduate of the MFA program at Oregon State University, her poetry can be found in Sycamore Review, Yemassee, the minnesota review, and cream city review, among others.

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