The National Poetry Review

Sarah J. Sloat


O city you have emptied for the holy
days all the compact cars and urbanites
evacuate by plane and train for longer
slopes that lead away from offices of fire
and paper money do you ever dream

of flushing the routes and tubes of wiping
skies of bats and nighttime do you dream
like I do of the golden fish my neighbor
left behind in a filthy tank could you
too see his halo through the glass

SARAH J. SLOAT lives in Frankfurt, Germany, a stone’s throw from Schopenhauer’s grave. Her poems and prose have appeared in The Offing, Hayden’s Ferry Review and Beloit Poetry Journal, among other journals. Sarah’s chapbook of poems on typefaces and texts, ‘Inksuite,’ is available from Dancing Girl Press, which also published ‘Heiress to a Small Ruin’ in 2016.